Album cover design for
John Cee Stannard

Client: John Cee Stannard

As an avid devourer of new music I always jump at the chance to put my hand to album cover design, so when powerhouse of blues music John Cee Stannard came to me with his latest release I couldn’t have been more excited. Over the past few years we’ve worked closely together to develop a series of album sleeves that hark back to a several golden ages in music and perfectly fit his old-fashioned blues sound.

Album cover designs for John Cee Stannard

The ‘Doob Doo’ Album

John’s first solo album was full of musical nods to the past and so it felt very appropriate to mix old and new and design the modern digipack album cover in the style of a vintage record sleeve.

Album cover design for The Doob Doo Album
Outer album packaging for The Doob Doo Album
Inner album packaging for The Doob Doo Album

Stone Cold Sober

To match the burnt-out, southern blues feel of his latest music videos I explored the idea of John’s latest album appearing to be a relic; a rare slip of vinyl that has travelled from backwaters to bluffs in a battered old box, soaking up memories along the way.

Album cover design for Stone Cold Sober
Outer album packaging for Stone Cold Sober
Inner album packaging for Stone Cold Sober

To The River

On his latest release, John created a host of new songs that have a distinctly gospel touch and he was keen to have this reflected in the artwork. Finding the stunning ‘By the River’ by 19th century French painter Henri Biva, featured in the cover, spurred the design of this composition and it’s shrine-like atmosphere.

Album cover design for To The River
Outer album packaging for To The River
Inner album packaging for To The River