Fundraising and educational materials for

Macmillan Cancer Support

In 2014 I was contacted by Macmillan Cancer Support, to become one of their few designers based in Scotland and over the past three years together we’ve created a wide variety of materials to support both their fundraising efforts and community and professional education programs across the country.

'Not Alone' Campaign

The first project I worked on was to devise a visual campaign to drive donations towards a funding drive specific to the city of Edinburgh, featuring a series of striking images depicting famous landmarks around the city which are typically crowded, but now feature only a single figure. Those pictured would be a series of real people who have sought support from Macmillan Cancer Support’s services in Edinburgh. This stark and unnatural contrast hopefully highlights the potential isolation that those affected by cancer can feel, whilst making the campaign unique to Edinburgh and appealing to residents who care about the level of care in their city.

'Move More' Exercise Cards

Leading a physically active lifestyle both during and after cancer is linked to an improvement in many of the adverse effects of cancer and its treatments. To support the ‘Move More’ campaign, encouraging those who have, or are going through, cancer treatment to stay physically active and healthy, I was asked to create a series of portable, durable quick reference cards to accompany their educational material and help instructors explain the movements to patients in classes and for the patients to reference whilst practising at home.

Glasgow Libraries Service

Glasgow Libraries are working with Macmillan Cancer Support to provide information & support services in the city of Glasgow. The partnership now operates in 33 libraries and 2 leisure centres across the city, providing anyone affected by cancer with information, emotional support and access to other services including complementary therapies, counselling and benefits advice.During the roll out of the service I was tasked with creating a series of prominent but attractive display pieces to raise awareness of the program and supporting educational material to explain the various benefits of the services available at participating locations.

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